Intelligent Operation and Maintenance System Solutions
Intelligent Operation and Maintenance System Solutions
Intelligent Operation and Maintenance System Solutions

We are devoted to providing high-quality and low-cost power operation and maintenance services for external power engineering customers. We are engaged in providing power operation & maintenance services including technical consultation and guidance of power engineering, engineering acceptance, system joint debugging, startup and trial operation, quality assurance operation, commercial operation, equipment repair and testing, operation and maintenance training, manual preparation, calculation of protection setting value, engineering data management, spare parts management, and procurement of tools and apparatuses.


Power grid operation & maintenance service solutions
Power installation and debugging solutions
Power technical consultation solutions
Safety-to create more value for you

Adhering to the policy of “safety and prevention first, comprehensive management” in the power industry, Dongfang Electronics accurately identifies production and service processes, establishes a solid safety network, creates more value for customers, and assumes more social responsibilities. 

Considerate-providing you with more efficient services

We continue paying close attention to customer needs, and transform customer needs into our service standard, transform customers’ interest and psychological needs into the favor for Dongfang brand, and provide customers with simple and efficient services and solutions.

Economic-providing more values to you

Dongfang Electronics provides customers with one-step solutions and provides economical and applicable solutions and services for power customers in emerging markets.

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